January 22, 2019


Health Advantage: Poster Design

HealthAdvantage Poster

Poster for Health Advantage, asking customers for referrals.

Xert Gym: Postcard Advertisement

Xert Postcard Front

Front of Xert Gym ad. Perforation at the bottom allows to remove the discount card.

Xert Postcard Back

Back of Xert Gym ad. Note the editorial-like layout: picture, headline, text.

ADA Law Defense: Website Design

ADA Law Defense Homepage

Homepage of ADA Law Defense site.

Xert Gym: Website Design

Xert Gym Website

Homepage of Xert Gym’s Website.

Salt Studio: Banner Design

Salt Studio Banner

Salt Studio Banner, 6ftx4ft.

Pasadena Restaurant Week

Infographic for Pasadena Restaurant Week

A small infographic designed for the Pasadena Restaurant Week.